Other Religions & Evangelism

“Christ came to enlighten mankind. There are various religions outside His revelation where the followers are sincere – not just practicing demon worship – and where the soul is really trying to get through to God. I would say that before the people have heard of Christ, these religions are fine as far as they go, but they will not get you to the goal. The goal is eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven, and God came in the flesh to open this up to us.”
Fr. Seraphim Rose
~God’s Revelation to the Human Heart
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‘Fr. Paisios also demonstrated his concern for the spiritual enlightenment of the Muslims living in Konitisa . He showed them his care and love, helping them with their needs and gathering them together in one of their homes each Friday to discuss various matters of interest. He hoped that if he approached them in an appropriate way and with love, they would become Christians. And, in fact, some of them eventually asked to be baptized.’
Elder Paisios
~Elder Paisios of St. Athos