“Suffer and pray to God for your children. By your long-suffering you will hopefully bring them little by little to feel some shame and with your prayer you will receive help from the Almighty in clearing. up your children’s hearts. But first you must repent before him for not teaching your children. His law before anything else.”
St. Nikolai Velimirovich
~Missionary Letters Vol. 3
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“All of this [spiritual blessings] was the fruit of our holy Geronda’s prayers, teaching, and wise discipline. It was because of his tears that he shed for us. He himself admitted it. When they asked him, “Geronda, why are you fasting so strictly after being so exhausted?” He answered, “Because, my child, I want to struggle so that our good God will give his grace to all of you.”
Elder Joseph the Hesychast
~ My Elder Joseph the Hesychast