True Religion…

“Judaism, Christianity, Islam.  These three religions lay claim, in fact, to a common origin: as worshipers of the God of Abraham. Thus it is a very widespread opinion that since we all lay claim to the posterity of Abraham the Jews and Moslems according to the flesh and the Christian spiritually, we all have God as the God of Abraham and all three of us worship ‘each in his own way’  the same God. And this same God constitutes in some fashion are part of unity and of mutual understanding and this invites us to a fraternal relation. 

   One might say that in these three religions, passing over the past, one could agree that Jesus Christ is an extraordinary and exceptional being and that He was sent by God. But for us Christians, if Jesus Christ is not God, we cannot consider him either as a prophet or is one sent by God, but only as a great imposter without compare, who proclaimed himself Son of God, making himself thus equal to God.   There would not be the three persons in a single divinity, but a single person, unchanging for some or successively changing masks ‘ father – son – spirit’  for others.”
Father Seraphim Rose
~Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future