“Seeing so many buildings and so many needs he [an administrator on Athos] pleaded with the Elder to accept a grant from the administration for the necessary renovation work. The Elder however would not accept by any means. Greatly curious the administrator asked: “Why don’t you agree, Elder?” ‘I earn money with my sweat. Do you see the monks of my brotherhood? Of these one paints icons, another carves prosphora seals, another works in the field. I also get sent money from outside the Holy Mountain for liturgies, 40 day liturgies, memorial services, paraklisis. That money is blessed because it can be justified. However I can’t justify your money.’ “So be it. I will also give you names to commemorate and leave you some money to fix the big water tank that has got holes in it. Do we agree?” ‘We agree.’”
Elder Haralambos
~Abbot Haralombos