High Spiritual Standards…

“Once my Elder ordered me to do something and I put off doing it. That night in my sleep I saw a multitude of demons applauding and dancing. They were crying out “We’ve defeated him, we’ve defeated him.” At this point perhaps one might ask is divine grace so demanding on the faithful? Yes it is true that it is infallible and divinely just but it also depends on the knowledge and the condition of each person. For those having experience of its own assistance and consolation it is uncompromising because “He which new… and did not do… Shall be beaten with many stripes” and “Therefore to him that knows to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin.” From this point temptations arise as chastening…since every transgression and disobedience receives a just recompense or reward.”
Elder Ephraim of Katounokia
~Obedience is Life