Monastic Calling…

“So he begins with great eagerness to give away all his belongings, whether he has few or many the once he becomes entirely destitute and keeps in part the divine commandments, he is no longer able to hold back his love and yearning for the wilderness, so he runs like a thirsty dear to the wilderness. He forsakes parents, siblings, friends, and the rest of his relatives, seeking and thirsty only for Jesus, and following him with all his strength. And just as a hunter scours the wilderness for animals, he scours the wilderness to see where he might come across the leader and guide of souls he desires, so that be led by him he may reach his goal by thoroughly learning how he can progress and ascend to the spiritual life!”
Elder Joseph the Hesychast
~My Elder Joseph the Hesychast

But seek ye first the kingdom of God , and his righteousness ; and all these things shall be added unto you .
Matthew 6:33