Protection Through Obedience…

“I myself felt such a peace of conscience that I begged God to let me leave this life while I still was a disciple under obedience because I felt that my salvation was guaranteed. One day when I was in this state I asked: “Geronda [Elder Joseph] why don’t I feel any fear when I meditate on my sins, on the departure of my soul and on passing the toll houses? I put myself on the left of the Judge but I can’t. Instead I naturally and effortlessly see myself going to the right. Is this a delusion?” “Since you as a disciple have left the entire burden of your sins on my shoulders you have been relieved. From what the will you be accountable when you have entrusted everything to me by confessing everything and I have assumed the responsibility leaving you free? How could you not see yourself on the right? But will hinder you? If you did your own will the burden would be on you and you would not feel like this.”
Elder Joseph of Vatopedi (the author) speaking
~ My Elder Joseph the Hesychast