God Loves Everyone…

“I said to myself, “I’ve stumbled on a house of ill fame.” “Go away,” a woman said to me. “It’s not right for these girls to kiss the cross. Let me kiss the cross and then, please, go away.” “I’m afraid I cannot leave! I am a priest I have come to bless the houseā€¦ How do we know who should kiss the cross, the girls or you? Because if God were to ask me who should be allowed to kiss the cross I might reply that the girls should kiss it and not you. Their souls are in a better state than your own.” They all kissed the cross. They were all immaculately turned out with their colored skirts and so on. And I said to them, “Blessings on you all my children. God loves all of us. He is very good and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. He is the father of all of us and his concern is for each one of us. Only we to must try to come to know Him and to love Him and to become good. Love Him and you’ll see how happy you will be.”
Elder Prophyrios
~Wounded by Love