Beginning Difficulties…

“I tried to pray with whatever little understanding I had about noetic prayer by didn’t accomplish anything. I was making a good effort but my nous was wandering here and there. After little while had passed he asked: “Do you experience anything? Did you feel the grace of God?” “No, my dear father.” “Get out! After all this time you didn’t experience anything? Every time I say the prayer is as sweet as eating a loukoumi. My heart became so luminous and joyful and you felt nothing? Are you an ox? What are you doing?” “I have no idea what I am doing.” He was so simple and holy! He felt the just anyone could attain his state instantly. But he was unequaled. His unshakable faith and his obedience to Elder Joseph had filled him with spiritual gifts.”
Elder Epraim’s experience with Elder Arsenios
~My Elder Joseph