Inner Warfare…

“Once on Monday of the Holy Spirit Father Palacios told us that he had left us rusks, tomatoes and grapes down on the dock. Geronda turned to us and said “All right – get your sacks and go down to the dock. Bring them now before the mice get them.” Thoughts started attacking me like ants: “What? You’re going to haul things up the mountain on a day like this? You’re supposed to have quiet time for reading and prayer today!” I answered back to these thoughts “Straight and narrow is the way. Obedience is above all. I came not to do my own will but the will of the Father who sent me.” The burden of those thoughts was heavier than the burden on my back! The battle went back and forth. I said to those thoughts “As soon as we get back to Geronda I’m going to expose you! ” The moment I entered the door of his hut the thoughts completely vanished they didn’t dare stick around to face the master!”
Elder Ephraim of Arizona
~My Elder Joseph