Gaining Humility

“I remember that sometimes when we ate a spiritual discussion would begin. The other fathers exchange their ideas but as soon as I began talking Geronda abruptly interrupted me and said, “Shush.” Their conversation continued but a little while later there was something I could also offer – a correct solution, an opinion. Yet once again Geronda said, “‘Shush! We told you not to speak.” A sarcastic thought maybe want to say, “Geronda you sure respect me a lot!” But I quickly silenced that thought with another thought: “Geronda knows what he’s doing; he’s right.” Since it didn’t take long for Haralambos to learn these lessons what did his wife Elder scheme up? Instead of berating him who had already learned to deal with this, Geronda begin to blame his family and especially his father who had already passed away. When Haralambos heard this his endurance begin to crumble and he complained in his thoughts… But once again he fought against himself and convinced himself that he didn’t have the right to judge his elder.”
Elder Haralambos on Elder Joseph
~My Elder Joseph