Pure Prayer…

“Most of all the elder loved and cultivated the Jesus Prayer “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me,” which he had first learned as a boy from his mother. From his time at Sinai onwards with few exceptions the prayer took the place of the daily services. It became for him his nourishment, his delight in his every breath. He reached a state of being in which his nous would become immersed in the prayer he said, it would continue even while he slept. He was determined that his unceasing prayer not be interrupted. He said the prayer while he did his handiwork, on the road and in the presence of others: everywhere and at all times. In the midst of his handiwork he would set aside what he was doing, retreat to a quiet place and kneel becoming immersed in the prayer until the voice of a visitor would bring him back.”
Description of Elder Paisios
~Elder Paisios of Mt. Athos