“Once when he was flooded by great sorrow because of all these things as he was praying with tears and pain in darkness of his cell he came to theoria and everything around him shown with supernatural light. Did he saw the living Lord nailed to the Cross and base income created light from His blameless hands and feet blood streamed profusely. Then Christ tilted His head toward Geronda and said to him: “Behold how much I suffered out of love for you. What have you suffered? Can you not endure a single affliction?” And that it was dark again. With those words Geronda’s sorrow was dispelled and he was filled with joy and peace. He said rivers of tears experiencing the love of God and amazed at the Lord’s immense condescension. From then on he had great consolation in his sorrows, torments and trials. He grew strong in spirit and in this manner was patient with those people until they decided to leave of their own accord.”
Elder Ephraim of Arizona
~My Elder Joseph