“In these conditions of spiritual crisis with no way out, there inevitably comes upon us the chief question of a worldview: what am I living for if there is no way out? And when this frightful moment comes each of us feels that death has caught him by the throat: it’s some kind of spiritual answer does not come, life comes to an end because without God not only is everything permitted but life itself has no value and no meaning. I saw in the camp how people went out of their minds are ended with suicide. And I myself clearly felt that if after all I came to the firm and final conclusion that there is no God, I would simply be obliged to end with suicide since it is shameful and belittling for a rational creature to drag out a senseless and tormenting life. Thus at the second stage of spiritual rebirth we discovered that atheism, though out of its logical end, inevitably brings a man to perdition because it is a complete teaching of immorality, evil and death.”
Fr. Seraphim Rose
~God’s Revelation