Will of God…

“We observed that the elder never embarked on anything without first praying we would ask him about something in the future are the next day and his reply was that he would tell us tomorrow he would do this so that he could pray first. Our desire focused on knowledge of the divine will: how should one recognize the divine will?…The divine will is not differentiated only by time but also by place, persons and things, as also by quantity manner and circumstance. And is that all? Man himself he changes his disposition also changes the divine decision in many ways. So it is not enough to know the general expression of the divine will; when needs to know the specific verdict on the subject in question whether yes or no and only does his success assured the chief aim of the divine will is the expression and manifestation of divine love because a driving force of all our actions is precisely the fullness of His love.”
Elder Joseph of Vatopedi on Elder Joseph
Elder Joseph
~Elder Joseph the Hesychast