Spiritual Clothing…

“All of us who walked towards the kingdom of light and eternal life are obliged to keep watch daily and see what sort of garments are soul is clothed in. Let us look at those men and women who daily dress up, change clothes, decorate themselves, groom themselves and adorned themselves in order to physically look as nicely as they can. We ought to apply that much care and even more than that on the clothing of our soul. They look at themselves in the Mirror. Our Mirror is Jesus Christ. Looking at Him, the most pure, the most holy, the most beautiful Man, we find what we are really like. So as soon as we notice some dirt are some rag on our soul we should immediately take it off and dress ourselves in purity, holiness and beauty of Christ. What ever the carnal people do for the improvement and beauty of the body can serve as an image of what the spiritual people should do on the spiritual level.”
St. Nikolai Velimirovich
~Missionary Letters #2