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Pride and Vanity…

“Elder Joseph would say “come, you.” and Haralambos (as he used to tell himself) would say to himself,” you? What you? Don’t I have a name? What are these matters? I work with secular people in the prefecture and I never hurt anyone speak like that.… Here until now, I haven’t heard one thank you, one please. They are strange people here… It didn’t take long for me to realize that although I had been a struggler in the world, by receiving praise and flattery, I overloaded myself with the vainglory without realizing it.”
Elder Haralambos
~Abbot Haralambos


Time for Repentance…

“”As I find you I will judge you.” Behold the value of a moment. Did He find you in repentance? Did He meet you in confession? Did See reach you saying “I have sinned against heaven and before you”? Did He approach you when you had tears of genuine repentance and self-reproach in your eyes? Behold it is in one moment that God makes His decision. “The Lord is faithful in all his words.”

However, if he finds you otherwise, oh man, then the eyes of your soul will open and you will see that you have lost – but what is the use? If God condemns a person repentance is futile; with a pair of life ends words are pointless. It is all over!”
Elder Ephraim
~Counsels from the Holy Mountain


Monastic Solitude…

Father Arsenios would ask: “should we go to someone’s butt to stay the night?” Geronda would answer: “no we won’t because if we do we will lose our prayer, we will speak idly and we would hear things that are not beneficial. We might even start judging someone after hearing things concerning other people. It would be better for us to stay outside in the cold and do our vigil and are prostrations out here rather than judge others. Besides we certainly wouldn’t hear anything spiritual.”
Elder Joseph
~My Elder Joseph


Talking with God…

“The soul must be constantly ready and alert and always in contact with the spiritual headquarters, that is, God. Only then it will feel secure, full of hope and joy. When I was in the army, during the war, I was a radio operator. I noticed that we felt secure only when we communicated with the Army Division on an hourly basis. When our communication was limited to every two hours, we felt a little bit insecure; sometimes, when we could only be in touch with them twice a day, we felt uncomfortable, lonely and lost. The same thing applies to our prayer. The more we pray, the more secure we feel, on a spiritual basis, of course.”
Elder Paisios
~Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain



“There is a good example in our neighborhood of how the invisible web of God struck a false witness on the eyes. The man bore false witness for an acre of land for which he paid more than 1 million gold pieces – he paid for it with his soul. He was walking on his own land commonly. But as soon as he crossed over into the cursed piece of land, his eyesight was taken away. The invisible web of God struck this false witness on the eyes. And there he is now, sitting blind by his hearth.”
St. Nikolai Velimirovich
~Missionary Letters #2


Intercession for Salvation…

“When he reflected on his own love the Elder found himself lacking. “If I had a Catholic brother think how much I would cry. Meanwhile, how many millions of people don’t believe in Christ and how much have I cried for them?””
Elder Paisios
~Elder Paisios of Mt. Athos


Accepting Trials from God…

“When you are in pain get to the powers of your soul and try to understand what heaven is trying to tell you in this trial of yours. If perhaps you cry from the pain the tears will clinch your vision, as it did to joke the much suffering and then you too, will be able to say along with him, “Now mine eyes have seen Thee.” Don’t forget that God sees you and watching you when you are in pain. He perceives even the beating of your heart. Consequently he will not leave you without consolation and his fatherly protection. Naturally, the Saints rejoiced in their afflictions; as for us, that is at least manage to accept affliction or pain patiently.”
Elder Ephraim
~Counsels from the Holy Mountain


First Steps in the Jesus Prayer…

“For a start he laid out a program for him. “You will begin by saying the prayer “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me” for an hour. But you are to tell this to your Elder said it won’t seem as you’re doing it of your own will.” His elder simple as he was it not understand what it meant and did not hinder him…”Elder with this prayer, rivers of tears stream from my eyes and I feel an exhilaration within me. A fire burns in my heart for Christ.” From then on to his fellowship with Elder Joseph, he began to be instructed in the mysteries of the neptic activity. This activity brings about purification of the heart and divine illumination.”
Elder Ephraim (relating Elder Joseph’s first instructions)
~Obedience is Life


Humble Prayer…

“”My God, I don’t want you to speak to me; I don’t want you to show me a sign. But with your own love revealed to be something simple that will enable me to know whether I should leave or stay. Something very simple. I’m not asking for some miracle. I’m ashamed to.” So I decided to fast for three days without even putting water in my mouth, praying in complete silence and waiting for an answer from God. And the answer came.”
Elder Porphyrios
~Wounded by Love




“Fainthearted people who are depressed about their falls into sin concerned him too. “But there’s repentance. Are your sins greater than God’s mercy?”

“I’m not interested in how sinful someone is,” he would add. “What I’m concerned about is whether he knows himself. God will judge each person according to the work they’ve done on the old man. When the soul cuts away its faults [whatever they are] bracket it will be beautiful to Christ.””
Elder Paisios
~Elder Paisios of Mt. Athos